September 12th Benefit Concert 2016

Come out and support us at our 3rd annual benefit concert!

Our past support all comes from our fundraisers and the AMS, through the generous donations as well as AMS grants we are able to increase our inventory of instruments that we lend out to students completely free of charge.

By coming to support us you are providing another child with the chance and the opportunity to learn and develop musically, in circumstances that they may not be able to otherwise. At the end of they day it is really that chance and commitment we provide to these children, even if they do not pursue music in the future, it is their personal growth both musically and culturally that we see appear. It becomes intertwined with the mission of our organization.

So what are you waiting for? Swing on by the evening of September 12th to enjoy true virtuoso music and for a good cause.


Benefit Concert PNG