Teacher Workshop

To make sure teaching progression is made, we also have to upgrade our own skills! This January, Shine On Music held it’s first teacher workshop hosted by Natalie Martins, a member of Instrument Beyond Borders. Natalie is a Vancouver based violin teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience.


Natalie’s mission is to help create better people through the power of music, allowing students to become more “tuned in”, present, sensitive, and beautiful souls. Natalie helped Shine On by introducing a clear foundation to our teachers, emphasizing the Suzuki method being the means of establishing this foundation.

Our teachers learned not just basic techniques but also ways to get more student and parent involvement in the learning process. Strategies to create more student engagement were shown along with an emphasis on student-teacher relationships, something every teacher should consider evaluating.

It was a lovely time and we are definitely looking forward to more possible workshops in the future! Special thanks to our partners and friends Instrument Beyond Borders, and Natalie Martins herself, check them out in the links below.

Instrument Beyond Borders

Natalie Martins