To inspire the next generation of musicians.

We are working hard to become the pre-eminent program providing quality music education for young audiences and for their communities as a whole.

About Shine On Music

Shine On Music is a non-profit student-run organization located at the University of British Columbia (UBC). We are a group of students brought together by our passion for musical improvisation and a common desire to motivate the next generation.

Our goal is to promote the joys of music and provide quality music education to children in a fun environment. When our team first envisioned a music school, we believed imagination, innovation, and improvisation were important cornerstones to the success of our program. Our teaching model is a combination of group and private lessons that all emphasize creativity while still teaching the essential basics.

Through generous donations, we are turning our vision into a reality. SOM currently offers violin classes at Queen Alexandra Elementary School, UBC Point Grey Campus and the First Nations Musqueam Community Cultural Pavilion.