Forest Borch

Hi, I’m Forest. I am a teacher with Shine On. I joined the team last year and taught students out of Queen Elizabeth Elementary school. I started playing fiddle at the age of 5 in the farmers markets of Alberta where I found a love for old time fiddle music.Twenty years later, I still have this love. I also have acquired experience playing classical violin, playing in a folk rock band, accompanying singer songwriters, and having some of the best times of my life jamming. These days I am into gypsie jazz and looping with my violin. To me music is a fundamental method of communication and self expression which, if taught in a fun, relatable manner, can open many doors. I hope to impart and share the gifts and knowledge I have gained playing violin to kids in the ShineOn program, and have a little fun along the way.


Danni Zhu

Hello all, my name is Danni Zhu and I’m starting my third year at UBC specializing in Honours Microbiology and Immunology. Aside from school work, playing piano has been a big part of my life for the past 13 years. With some background in piano, or music in general, I started to learn violin in grade 9 while joining my high school’s String Orchestra. Every year our String Orchestra would attend an annual Music Festival and various community concerts. I performed in most of these concerts as a second or first violinist and have gained tremendous amount of valuable experience. Since coming to UBC, both violin and piano have taken up a large portion of my leisure time. I look forward to bringing music to the community.

Yashwant Parmar pic


Yashwant Parmar

I’m a UBC undergraduate pursuing a dual degree with both astronomy and economics. I have been playing the violin for 12 years now, and have experience as both a soloist and an orchestra member. I primarily learned a classical style of playing. For Shine On, I primarily deal with teaching resources and integrating new teachers into the club. In my free time I get way too emotionally invested in things beyond my control; Game of Thrones, sports, and the weather.



Fiona D’Silva 

Hi! My name is Fiona D’Silva, I am a passionate violinist who has been playing the violin for the past thirteen years. I have performed for various events in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and have been part of the Abu Dhabi Strings Orchestra. Apart from the violin, I am an aspiring engineering student at the University of British Columbia who is passionate about contributing to society and making a difference in the little ways that I can.

shineon pic


Max Xie

Hello, I’m Max Xie. I have been playing the violin since I was 7 and had obtained a RCM level 10 Certificate before I started university. In the past I have played for different high school strings orchestras and also youth groups as I had the chance from moving around a lot. After starting university I found myself having less time for the instrument, but after joining ShineOn I was able to recollect my years of experience from learning the instrument to put towards the younger generation. Now I very much enjoy teaching on a weekly basis and in my spare time learning new pieces.



Susan Chen

Hi, my name is Susan. I am in my second year at UBC, working on a combined major in Microbiology & Immunology and Computer Science. I have been playing the violin and piano for over 10 years, and music has become an integral part of my life. I also immensely enjoy drawing, watching the Office, and taking naps.




Yuehui Ji

Hiya! My name is Yuehui Ji and I am currently a second year Arts student at UBC. I have been playing violin since I was 7 years old. Thus, music has been a big part of my life. In my free time, I enjoy indulging in Mexican foods.


Denny Ho

Hi! My name is Denny Ho, I’ve had a long extensive interest with music and playing the violin. By the time I was 13, I had completed all theory and history requirements from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and had also scored a perfect score on AP Theory. I proceeded to work hard towards receiving my ARCT diplomas in violin performance as well as piano studies. Over the years I have placed first in a variety of competitions throughout the Lower Mainland and have had the opportunity to play in China and New York as well. Using music I have been able to participate in award winning ensembles, perform in a chamber groups, and also play for senior homes as a hospitals volunteer. In my spare time, I enjoy composing, and practicing basic luthier skills. Currently I am studying violin performance with Jasper Wood at the University of British Columbia.

2Hayley Sinclair

My name is Hayley Sinclair and I’m a third year Biology student at UBC. I’ve been playing the violin for 16 years and have experience playing both classical and fiddle music. I love
performing, and am an alumni member of the Calgary Fiddlers— a professional youth fiddle group based out of Calgary, Alberta. During my four years with the group, I’ve had the opportunity to tour around Canada, the United States and Europe performing with my violin!

I first started teaching the violin when I was in high school, and loved sharing my passion for music with my students. I’ve brought that passion with me to UBC and I believe everybody should have the chance to access musical education, which is why I joined Shine On Music.

Past Teachers: 

  • Jacqueline Siu
  • James Shih
  • Seo Am Hur
  • Andrea Kim
  • Alec Lee